160624 Jo Cox Aufruf gegen den HassNach der grausamen Ermordung der britischen Parlamentsabgeordneten Jo Cox in der vergangenen Woche haben sich mehr als 1500 Parlamentarierinnen und Parlamentarier weltweit dem „Aufruf gegen den Hass“ ihres Ehemannes Brendon Cox angeschlossen. Auch ich unterstütze den Aufruf mit dem Ziel, der irrationalen Angst und dem Hass, der die Menschen in unserer Gesellschaft gegeneinander aufzubringen droht, entgegenzutreten. 

Den Wortlaut finden Sie hier:

"Last week, the life of UK MP Jo Cox was brutally and senselessly snatched away.  As many have been, we are shocked to the core at a violent attack on democracy and our values.
As human beings, we are devastated at the loss of an indefatigable and compassionate campaigner, mother and colleague. And as parliamentarians, we commit to ensuring her legacy is upheld.

In her first speech to parliament, just one year ago, Jo said: “While we celebrate our diversity … we are far more united and have far more in common with each other than things that divide us.”

Every elected representative should reflect on those words this week. Let this be a turning point for us all.

Beyond politics and parties, we must as societies stand together to stem the poisonous rising tide of fear and hate that breeds division and extremism. We must follow Jo’s example to open our arms with love to our communities, our neighbours and those less fortunate than ourselves, and to celebrate our tolerance and diversity.

Jo was a lifelong campaigner against injustice. She entered parliament because she wanted to be in the engine room of change, to steer a course toward a better future. Today we say: we will keep our hands on the wheel. We will do whatever it takes to renew our bonds and fight for those at the margins of our society, our continent and the world."